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Some Industries Have Specific Needs

Every industry has its unique characteristics, but certain industries present more challenging operating environments for reasons such as regulation or national security concerns. Macaluso LLP have an extensive history of advising clients in emerging tech, food and agriculture, and health care industries. In all of these sectors, we work with clients across the U.S. and internationally.


Our lawyers have been active in the healthcare sector for over 15 years. Healthcare is now driven by tremendous innovation around the convergence of technology and biology and the advent of precision medicine. Clients have included a range of companies in the healthcare space including a healthcare IP focused funds group, a Fortune 500 medical device company and one of the leading research hospital systems in the world.

We have assisted clients with mergers, divestitures, investments, exits and turnarounds of various growth companies in the healthcare sector as well as with IP licenses and joint ventures.

Food & Agriculture

As food security, food safety and the environmental impact of food production are continuing to attract focus, technology innovation is increasingly identified as the solution. As counsel to domestic and global agribusiness conglomerates and middle-market companies based in the U.S. and China as well as to domestic and international ag-focused banks and funds, we have completed several billion dollars of transactions, investments, joint ventures, projects, and financings across the sector.

High Tech & Emerging Tech

Macaluso LLP provides a full range of legal services to emerging and high-growth technology companies, their boards of directors, and their investors and partners. We serve our technology clients at every stage of the business lifecycle, including business formation and funding, securing technologies, acquisitions, developing joint ventures, expansion into international markets, and, at times serving as an outside interim counsel.